About MathLex


The inspiration for MathLex came from dual needs for native (i.e. JavaScript and HTML) mathematics support on the web and a natural, intuitive, easy-to-type language for mathematical entry. This project soon developed into an honors undergraduate research thesis at Texas A&M University. After developing a prototype and writing ample documentation for the thesis, I wanted to release MathLex to the community as an open-source project so mathematicians everywhere colud enjoy improved support for mathematics on the web. Users have the benefit of being able to use a simple, natural language to work with advanced computer algebra topics.

Contact Information

  • Matthew Barry
  • Author
  • Computer Science and Mathematics
  • Texas A&M University



Special thanks to the people and organizations who made the MathLex JavaScript library possible:


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MathLex is supported in part by NSF TUES Grants #1123170 (Dr. Douglas Meade) and #1123255 (Dr. Philip Yasskin)